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After looking over this page, we're confident that you will catch the same vision that we have with this first-of-its-kind sports interactive app. United games is going to take the viewing of sports to the next level. Also, you can make a lot of money by just sharing this incredible sports app for free.

You are in the pre-launch stages of this game — before it hits the public. Have you imagined owning a share of the market with some of the top apps in the app store? That's the opportunity here!

The CCO is Mark Mongie, a former chief operator from EA Sports. He built Madden, Fifa Soccer, Nascar games, to name a few. He's in charge of building the United Games App. Brilliant man.

(The app's real name has not been released yet — we're excited to reveal it soon.)
How it Works
1. Download

Players download the app

Get 3 tokens FREE at signup

2. Play

Choose one game to play, or play in leagues

Play for FREE, or play with tokens

Pre-Game and social features are FREE

Buy tokens to play live events (or, earn tokens with ad clicks)

3. Earn

Earn badges, awards and advance in rank

Earn points in every game

Points are redeemed for prizes

United Games Overview
Watch these 2 videos for a great outline of the game!
Play with Heroes!

Our fans get to play with retired and active pro athletes

The athletes also have a financial incentive to invite fans to play with them socially

Hosting games encourages live game watching and paid play

You can also host your own games, big or small!

The Right Formula

The first real-time sports app with loyalty rewards

Ground-breaking game play with premier graphics

Play for free, ad-supported, or as paid subscribers

Earn Loyalty rewards prizes like pro team swag, & even vehicles

Market is Ready!

Endorsed by 100's of pro sports players and celebrities

The first mobile app to launch with 200,000+ players

Worldwide sports coverage in 175 countries

Celebrity-hosted social live game events

Check Out These Stats!

We Have a Focused Mobile Strategy - Mobile phones are pivotal! The average person will spend 3.9 years of their life on their mobile phone, looking at it 46 times per day.

Game Apps Drive Serious Revenue! - Top 5 Revenue Apps: 1. Pokemon Go Daily Revenue (DR) $1,863,582   2.Mobile Strike (DR) $1,478,329   3. Game of War (DR) $1,160,724   4. Candy Crush (DR) $653,287   5. Clash of Clans (DR) $452,538

Fantasy vs. The better way to play - With fantasy, you put cash in and have a small chance to win. People use algorithms to win — the top 1% takes over 90% of winnings. Plus there are legal issues. There is a better way to play — pay small amounts (or play for FREE). Each game is unique, and algorithms don’t win. Everyone wins something, and there are no legal issues.

We Leverage Sports Retail Spending - Americans spend over $8 billion a year on branded sports merchandise, and over $25 billion a year on professional sports. Over $100 billion is spent each year on sports “gaming” like fantasy sports. We tap into the demographic that already spends heavily on sports.

Even Bigger than Fantasy Sports - We have a market that is 5X bigger than the fantasy sports market, but no one is appealing to these casual sports fans. We are going to take all the reasons why people don't play fantasy out of the equation and give people a reason to play. We'll do this with a game in the mobile app space, and it's going to be enormous!

Our App's Revenue Ecosystem - In order to accomplish our revenue targets, we anticipate the revenue coming from these groups in the following values.   FREE: 35% of the player base — FREEMIUM: 35% (will watch ads to earn tokens). You get paid on the ad, per token. — PAYING PLAYERS: 20% — AFFILIATES: 10%

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